Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weather Change

Late yesterday afternoon a storm quickly blew in with NW winds.  It is nice and cool today.  No doubt there was some exchange in birds.  More passerines are around today.
Without any destination in mind, I headed down to Tilbury first thing again this morning.  Not surprisingly, there were far fewer birds than yesterday.  Shorebirds were down to almost one third of yesterday.

Fellow blogger Dwayne stopped in and we were disappointed in the absence of the Red-necked Phalarope.  Only one Baird's present that I could see, and fewer dowitchers.  The trusty Long-billeds were still there though.

 Four Stilt Sandpipers (juvies) were present--likely all the same from yesterday.
No White-rumped Sandpipers here, but I thought I saw one yesterday.
Solitary Sandpiper

Even that odd Horned Grebe could not be found.
There will be good days ahead there--maybe a Red Phalarope will drop in like it did two years ago!
Bobolinks were on the move as some flew over Tilbury and elsewhere today.

I headed down to Erieau afterwards.  Hundreds of Common Terns around and some gulls including a first year Lesser Black-backed (not surprisingly).
I walked the R/R track trail and found a nice selection of warblers.  I had to stand under a thick canopy of trees since it started raining (must be the weekend!), but that was OK as I could look at the warblers.  Species included Tennessee, Yellow, Magnolia (2), Cape May, Blackburnian, American Redstart and Canada.  Other birds included Swainson's Thrush and Yellow-bellied Flycatcher.
Over along McGeachy Pond dike, I caught sight of what was likely a Yellow-breasted Chat.

Someone needs to report some Buffies this week!

Many butterflies were getting some action yesterday!

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