Saturday, August 6, 2011

More Spinylegs

Too much driving around today and little to show for it!

A good number of Flag-tailed Spinyleg dragonflies were at McKeough this morning.  I found at least 8 around the dam structure.  There were not too approachable though.

Flag-tailed Spinylegs

Several Royal River Cruisers were patrolling the river as well.  I tried to get a flight shot, but too fast for the lens.

the cruiser

Common Buckeye has really moved in lately.  Many north of Wallaceburg today.

Spiked Blazing Star is coming out now.

I had to go to Belle River this afternoon and since Tilbury is on the way, well.....

Five dowitchers were present.  Two appeared to be Long-billed, presumably the same ones Brandon mentioned the other day.

Nothing else of note, except 11 Blue-winged Teal were there on my return visit.

Eastern Tailed-Blue pair:

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