Sunday, August 7, 2011

More Dowitchers and Horace's Duskywings

I thought it would be a good chance to go to Point Pelee today and look for Horace's Duskywing.  They were reported last Monday by Bob Yukich, but those seemed to be on the go.
Since Tilbury Lagoon is on the way, I stopped there before 08:00 this morning.  More dowitchers were in!  I counted 12 and some of those were Long-billed too.  The two species look similar at this time, one had to look closely.  4 or 5 were Long-billed.  One dowitcher had a large tumour on its leg.  Very large!

Off to Pelee.  I walked West Beach Trail to the Tip from the VC.  It was windy on the west side, so it was better on the trail rather than the beach.  Nothing noteworthy, but it was early in the day.  Lots of Silver-spotted Skippers were out today.  A few worn Northern Broken-Dash as well.

At the Tip, the sand was covered with gulls, but nothing of note.  Only one Sanderling for shorebirds.

Lots of Cicada Killers and I even found one carrying a Cicada!

On the return walk, I spotted a duskywing flying around.  I knew it had to be a Horace's, but it never settled before I lost it.  I stood at the spot for a while and it reappeared and did sit for a couple of seconds to verify it.  I did get a half decent photo.

About another 100m up the trail I spotted a fairly fresh male working the knapweed.  This one co-operated nicely for a photo.
I saw two or three of this species the last time they were around in 2008.

Later, I talked to Henrietta O'Neill and she said that she saw two yesterday on the count in the same general area (north part of the trail).

I stopped at Tilbury again on the way home.  Same birds basically, but it always seems better first thing or in the evening.


  1. Funny I haven't run into you yet at Tilbury, Blake. If you are in the Pelee area, check out the field at the corner of Sherk and Oak in Leamington. Some good butterflies there today including a few Common Checkered and Fiery Skippers.

  2. Blake,
    Nice LBD's! I stopped by TSB tonight, but the setting sun gave backlit views. Seems everyone agrees that TSB is great and Blenheim's SL's are just crappy!