Friday, August 12, 2011


I found two Sandhill Cranes at Port Lambton yesterday (Thursday) and they were still present this morning.

There have been a lot of Sandhill Cranes near Wallaceburg this summer.  They seem to increase in numbers each year.  I am not sure of the origin of all these birds.  Some do breed on Walpole Island though.

Usually we get lots of migrants from the north in late October into November that feed in the fields west of Wallaceburg.
When I first started birding in the late 1980's, they were a rarity!  It took several years before I even saw one!

Eastern Tailed-Blue


  1. The sound these guys make as they fly overhead is pretty amazing. I've only seen them on a few occasions in my life. They nest at Kensington Metropark, not far from Detroit MI.

  2. Sort of pre-historic sounding!
    You can here them from a long distance.

  3. I have yet to see them, not counting brief glimpses of groups in flight.