Saturday, July 30, 2011

Spur of the Moment

I was not sure where to head today, but decided to check Tilbury Lagoon first thing.  I find shorebirds at lagoons seem to be better in the evening, but that never fits my schedule!
Tilbury was rather disappointing.  Very few shorebirds-nothing new.  Three SBD's were the highlight.  Five Caspian Terns (adults) were present.

I decided I might as well go to Point Pelee.  It was good for butterflies, but mostly common stuff.
Giant Swallowtails were very numerous.

I walked west beach south of the VC.  Common Buckeye have certainly moved in compared to previously.  I had at least 30 here.
One of the highlights was a duskywing.  I assume it was Wild Indigo, as it never settled down before I lost it.

Farther down, I was delighted to come across an Olive Hairstreak on Spotted Knapweed.  These are now in their second brood.  Always a treat to see!

I headed back, and went up to De Laurier.  Not much there but a couple of Snout.
Getting close to lunch, I stopped at the Cattail Cafe for a Green Goddess.  Try one, they are good!
While in the neighbourhood, I checked the old parking area of NW Beach.  I was surprised to find a Little Yellow.  First one this year!  (there were too many last year!).
Little Yellow

That got me pumped up, so I went back to the south end of west beach trail.  More Buckeye, etc.
Came across another Olive Hairstreak!  (Now Paul Carter will really be envious).

Snout were out by this time, and I had perhaps a half dozen.

On the way home, I stopped at Tilbury again, but the same stuff was there.

By the way, I did hear at least one Dickcissel at the weedy field out in the onion fields today.

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  1. Blake,
    Add me to the list of envious people for the olive hairstreak sighting! :^)