Friday, July 29, 2011

Late Afternoon Stuff

I finally caught up with a Flag-tailed Spinyleg dragonfly late this afternoon.  They are regular at McKeough CA Dam every summer, but this was the first one this year.  It has not been a banner year for dragonflies!

Nearby were a few Eastern Tailed-Blue butterflies on a log.

A fresh crop of Pearl Crescents are emerging. Had one in the yard yesterday-rather uncommon for the yard.

Nothing much to report out at Stewart Wetland.  A Great Egret showed up yesterday, so there is till hope for a Snowy Egret or Little Blue Heron.  A couple of Greater Yellowlegs were new in the shorebird department today.

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  1. Another great post Blake. Not sure what you are up to this weekend but if you decide to come to Pelee there was a Pipevine Swallowtail today at Sanctuary.