Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ojibway Butterflies

Paul Carter and I went down for the Ojibway butterfly count today.  It is always an excellent count for uncommon or rare butterflies or just variety.  I got hooked on this count back in 2006 when we found 50 species out of the 51 for the entire count!  Today our group came up with 43 species. Some decent finds but nothing spectacular.  No duskywings!  The Dion Dukes' ? Skipper was a bit of a surprise, but perhaps the Black Dash was better.

Brunet Park was the best spot for variety.  We started with a Striped Hairstreak.

We found all the usual hairstreaks, including many Acadian.

Edwards' Hairstreaks (+coral to left) on Butterfly Weed

A Southern Cloudywing was good, especially for Bruce Ripley who wanted to see that one.

It was not one of my stellar photography days, but here are some photos:

Delaware Skipper

Coral Hairstreak

Baltimore Checkerspot

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