Friday, July 1, 2011

Dickcissels and Novelties

Hackberry Emperor

I did a bit of travelling around today, but it did not pan out for finding much!  I started at Blenheim S. L. and found 3 Lesser Yellowlegs and 4 Least Sandpipers as fall migrants.
I had an urge to see the Dickcissels at Wheatley, so that was the most interesting thing.  I have looked around this area recently and kept my eyes and ears open today, but I did not find any other Dickcissels.
Back in the year 2000 there was a major invasion of Dickcissels into SW Ontario.  Quite a few were found around Blenheim.  Not to be outdone, I decided to find my own closer to home.  It did not take long, and I found some NE of Wallaceburg in two locations.  Sedge Wrens were also around that summer.
Habitat has changed and there are few pastures and grasslands left around here. This year any suitable field for grassland species has been cut early.  Probably due to all the rain, things grew quickly this spring.  I cannot seem to find Upland Sandpiper, when in the past is was a no-brainer.  Many birds just do not have a chance!

Edwards' Hairstreak

I checked out a couple of butterfly/dragonfly spots this afternoon north of Wallaceburg.  It was a hot sunny day, but it seemed not much was flying.  A few Banded and Edwards' Hairstreaks were out, but no other hairstreak species.  Hairstreaks are my favourites--I like them all!
Will check again Sunday.
Banded Hairstreak

Speaking of hairstreaks, one comes across some novelties once in a while.  Some are deformed or have colour pigment issues.  Banded can be quite variable as well.
Here is a Banded Hairstreak from last year....makes you take a closer look....What is this?!?!

This Northern Oak had the orange marginal band replaced by white.  I have also seen this in Coral Hairstreak.

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