Sunday, July 3, 2011

Skunk's Count

Tawny Emperor

Today was the Skunk's Misery butterfly count.  It is a good count with a lot of variety.  I only did the morning due to other commitments this afternoon, but by lunch the group had tallied 43 species.  All the usual stuff, and more would be added in the afternoon.  There were not big numbers of butterflies though.  Our best butterfly was perhaps the Hickory Hairstreak.

Gray Comma

This afternoon I gave a tour to spots north of Wallaceburg.  Dragonflies are still scarce.  Hairstreaks are out in numbers now that the Common Milkweed is in bloom.  Edwards' seems to be the most common especially at Reid.  You can see dozens! Up to five Northern Oak Hairstreaks have been seen so far this season.  Another two today.                                                                                                                  

the "Northern Oak"

We had a Buckeye butterfly at McKeough this afternoon!  First for the year.

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  1. I love looking at your Butterfly pics. I have just recently started looking at butterflies. Not very knowledgeble on the subject, but fun to search for.