Saturday, July 23, 2011

Monkeying Around

Monkey Flower (white version)

Just roamed around today.  Finally got out in the boat this morning since I've been spending most of my spare time birding/butterflying!  Very nice as the water was very calm.
Lots of Broad-winged Skippers and a few Dion/Dukes' Skippers flying at Reid CA.  (The Broad-winged never stopped so I have no photos).
This skipper was quite dark, so I am not sure.  Had a white spot on the forewing, so probably a female.  I have had both species at this location.

skipper on Monkey Flower

Did not see a hairstreak today.  Not a banner year for them!
A few dragonflies were around including a couple of Royal River Cruisers.  Got a photo of a Blue Dasher.
Blue Dasher

Nothing new at Stewart Wetland today, so I went down to Tilbury.  This is the best spot for shorebirds in the area.  Usual stuff including more Pectorals, 3 Stilt and 2 SBD's.
Two Caspian Terns (one a juv) were resting on the island.

Caught sight of a Fiery Skipper (2X) as I was walking, but lost it and never found it again!  First one of the year.  Cabbage Whites have really come out the last day or so, and lots of Black Swallowtails.
Several Halloween Pennants were flying around at Tilbury, but these ones were quite reddish.  Not sure that I have seen that before.  I think they are older males.

I have not come across any more Dickcissels.  A couple are just outside of PPNP in the Onion Fields along the N/S road at the weedy field according to Alan Wormington.  I had one of them when I passed through on Wednesday.  These are neat birds we do not see too often.
I have not heard anymore about the ones at Blenheim.  Since shorebird habitat is limited there, I have not gone there much this summer.  Hopefully water levels will drop.
Almost forgot...I checked for Sandhill Cranes this morning west of Wallaceburg,  Found about 20 with some juveniles.  Not sure where these all come from this time of year, but they do breed on Walpole Island.  Some may wander over to the wheat fields here.

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