Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Snapshots

Blenheim Bluet

It was another free day to check out some spots for birds/butterflies.  I started at Ridgetown Lagoons, but it was too foggy to see everything.  The usual things including Solitary Sandpiper were there.
Drove some back roads to Blenheim.  Lots of Bobolinks around, including many at the lagoons.
Bobolink on thistle

No sign of Dickcissels.  I think they are long gone since nobody has reported them since July 14.
At Blenheim a Stilt Sandpiper was in with the other things.
The female Ring-necked Duck is still swimming around pond 5.  It has been there all summer along with a female American Wigeon.
Hardly any butterflies were out (again!), but at Least there were some skippers around the edges.

Checked out Erieau as well.  Lots of Bonies were heading west, obviously flushed off the beach by tourists when I arrived at McGeachy.
Red Admiral (scarce this year!)

Still lots of water at the corner of Bisnett and Erieau Rds.  That spot needs to be checked if you are in the area!

A good fresh crop of Giant Swallowtails is now out, especially north of Wallaceburg.  I saw many yesterday.  One went through the yard this afternoon.

Time to check for southbound warblers!  (Is it that time already?) Tennessee could be around.  I have had Cape May and Blackburnian as early as July 25 in the yard!

Toasted Tractor (new last year!)

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