Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hairstreaks and More

I had a hunch today would be a good day for butterflies. Went into work early so I could take a long lunch hour.  My favourite butterfly showed up today!  I cannot rest easy until I see this species every year!  The Southern (Northern Oak) Hairstreak is still hanging on north of Wallaceburg.  I found two today, one at noon, and one later afternoon.  I was just about to leave late today and as I approached the gate, I spotted one on dogbane.  It was a beauty.

The one at noon was not a perfect specimen, but it would do.

I first found these things in 2008 by accident.  The most I have seen in one day is eight (in 2008), but in subsequent years I have only seen two or three. Since they appear every year, there is a small colony here--the only known one in Canada.

Other hairstreaks included Coral, Banded and Edwards'.

Common Wood Nymphs came out this week.

Today I also saw Gray Comma and Great Spangled Fritillary, firsts for the year.

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