Sunday, June 12, 2011

Odds and Hogs

Blanding's Turtle

Today I went for an extensive walk up at Reid CA this morning.  Not many birds to see and just the usuals.  It was a gloomy day.  The weather forecast was dead wrong all weekend, as today it was supposed to be completely sunny, but it was not.  Yesterday was supposed to be rainy, windy and warm, but it was not.  Same old, same old!
Not much photo opportunity today as it was cool and cloudy and few butterflies.  Saw the first Euro Skipper today.  Only one Juvenal's Duskywing at Reid today.
Along the Sydenham I came across this Groundhog in a very large tree.  It was not too energetic.

Several plants of Hogweed were along there as well.  Not the dreaded Giant Hogweed.

Some snakes were out.  Nearly nailed a Fox Snake on the road.  They have certainly declined. I remember lots of them when I was a kid, even here in town.


  1. Nice to see that you found a Blanding's Turtle during you walk through the conservation area. I saw my first during last year's OFO Carden Alvar trip and it would be safe to say, the same one on this year's trip.

  2. Hi,

    Nice shot of the Blandings turtle!

    I read your blog regularly and have also recommended it to a number of friends. I have learned lots about birds this year from it.

    I am currently studying Eastern Foxsnake and would like to know more about your observation. If you could please contact me, my number work number (St. Clair Conservation) is 519-245-3710 x35. Thanks!!!

    Erin Carroll
    Aquatic Systems Technician