Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 18 Ramblings

Momma Snapper

This weekend was free, so I headed down to Rondeau Park to see what was around.  Besides lots of mosquitoes, lots of butterflies and some birds were there.  First thing that caught my attention was that Chipping Sparrow that wants to be a Clay-colored Sparrow.  I first saw/heard it two or three weeks ago. I had a good look today and it certainly appears to be a chippie.  A couple of years ago a pair of Clay-colored was near the visitor centre into July.  They probably nested.

I did not catch up with a Blue-winged Warbler on South Point Trail, but a Prothonotary Warbler was singing at the bottom end of the trail along the lake.

Little Wood Satyr

Butterflies included lots of Hobomok Skippers, a Silver-spotted, Summer Azures, Little Wood Satyrs, Tiger Swallowtails, Spicebush Swallowtails and a Giant Swallowtail.

Best butterfly was a Common Ringlet. I think it is the first one I have seen in the park.  They are common around Blenheim, but I do not recall seeing one within the park.  They are expanding southward.
Hobomok Skipper

Blenheim Lagoons had few butterflies even though little grass has been cut.  Due to the new tractor catching fire, the grass and weeds are tall!  Just as well--why do they have to cut all that grass?

I got word of a White Pelican off Rondeau's marsh, so I headed down to Erieau and did manage to see it from the government dock.  Been a while since I have seen a pelican at Rondeau.  A brown one would be much better!  Still a chance since they can show up in June!

another Long Dash

North of  the 'Burg, I checked some spots, and the dogbane is just about in bloom. Butterflies love it, so hairstreaks should be out sometime this week.
For those who need to know, although Wallaceburg is sometimes called Wallyworld, it is sometimes referred to as the 'Burg, hence my blog name!

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