Friday, June 17, 2011

Evening Butterflying

Took a walk up at McKeough CA this evening.  Hundreds of European Skippers are out now.  Other skippers were mixed in, such as Peck's, Long Dash, Tawny-edged, Least and Silver-spotted.  Common Ringlets were very plentiful.

Common Riinglet

Long Dash

Tawny-edged Skipper

Not many dragonflies, but it was late in the day.  I hope to look for some this weekend.  Several uncommon types are along the Sydenham.
Afterwards I just drove around hoping to come up with a Dickcissel, but failed in the attempt.  There could still be some out there, but suitable fields are much scarcer that they were ten years ago.  Tons of Savannah Sparrows, but only one Grasshopper Sparrow.  That is another one difficult to find around here anymore.


  1. Blake, I've been photographing a skipper that looks like a Southern Cloudywing. Is that pretty common around here, or is there a similar, more commonly found skipper that is often confused with the Southern Cloudywing? ( I know... I need to get a field guide!)

  2. The Southern Cloudywing is around Ojibway, and so is the Northern. They are similar, but should not be a problem for ID if you get a good look. I would say, without seeing a photo, you are getting the Southern.