Sunday, June 26, 2011

Even More Butterflies

I decided to check the local area on this fine day.  As expected, more butterflies were out, but I am seeing very few dragonflies.  I'm waiting for Flag-tailed Spinyleg, among other things!

                              female Halloween Pennant (right)

At McKeough, the highlight was a Baltimore Checkerspot.  I had them there in 2008.  A good find for this area in any case.
the Baltimore!

At McKellar on Bickford Line, not as many dragonflies this week, but I spotted a Bronze Copper from the viewing stand along a pond.  I went down for a closer look and found a pair!  These are certainly one of the nicer butterflies to look at.
male Bronze Copper

female Bronze Copper

While there, I noticed a family of Hooded Mergansers!  Obviously reared in the woodlot nearby.  Another excellent find for the area.  Actually the first, I think, I have ever seen in the breeding season around here.
Two of four young Hoodies

Moore WMA was flooded due to the heavy rains this week.  Hopefully the water will recede by late this coming week to look for dragonflies.
Banded Hairstreak

At Reid CA, the hairstreaks are appearing.  Yesterday I had the Coral Hairstreak, but not today.  Several Banded were out, and a single Edwards'.
Edwards' Hairstreak

Northern Broken-Dash, Peck's, Long Dash, Silver-spotted were working the dogbane as well.
Silver-spotted Skipper (US)

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  1. Blake great finds all around. The Hairstreaks are particularily awesome!