Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Birding

Snowy South Point

After yesterday's weather nonsense, I was anxious to get out today.  The roads were terrible and the gale force winds were still going, but I headed out.  The sun eventually came out for a fairly nice, but cold day.
Still WAY too much snow to do much walking around Rondeau.  There is certainly more down there than up here.

White-throated Sparrow and Red-bellied Woodpecker at VC feeders

Song Sparrows were everywhere--obviously they came in the last day or so.  As did Robins, and blackbirds.  Several Song Sparrows were at the VC feeders.  Some even singing.

A female Eastern Towhee briefly showed as well, but remained hidden most of the time....

Eastern Towhee tailend!

Lots of birds were near the gas plant. I was hoping to see some waxwings, but not yet.  Just Robins feeding on Sumac.

At Erieau, there were lots of ducks.  Even the first Horned Grebe was swimming around with them. (It is in this photo!)

Several American Coots were there, and the White-winged Scoter from last weekend was there, but elusive.

Still not much throughout the countryside, but things will get better each week.  I still have one Common Redpoll here at the feeder which seems to show first thing, then at dusk.

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  1. Blake, Nice birds! I love the Song Sparrow shot. I have to try to make it out to Rondeau more. Its strange but I've only seen a female Towhee once, compared to numerous males.