Friday, March 4, 2011

This Week

There just has not been much going on lately.  Winter is holding on for the most part!  Nothing new to report in birds here, but I did notice more Red-winged Blackbirds and Tundra Swans today.
The St. Clair River is still jammed with ice to the north end of Sombra.  I took a quick ride upriver late today to look at ducks and gulls.

Recently we have been hearing reports of dead Screech Owls.  Several have been found dead in Wood Duck boxes and other places.  One can only conclude they starved.  The winter has been very harsh needless to say with continuous snow since early December.  Many boxes have also been found with a lot of Downy/Hairy Woodpecker feathers.  Are the Screech Owls trying to eat those as a last resort?  These have been found up at Bickford Oak Woods.  Boxes were cleaned out at the end of January and more feather were seen since.  Interesting...

Scene from the past

Not sure what I will do tomorrow.  As usual, the weather looks terrible for the weekend.  It is a spring thing!  Nice during the week, but come Friday the clouds roll in, wind picks up and it rains!  I remember one spring it did this from late April to late May every single weekend!

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  1. Blake, interesting note about the Owls. One positive aspect of this ongoing cold weather might be a delayed 'leaf-out' in early May. Hopefully a little Sun breaks through on the weekend!