Sunday, February 20, 2011

Today's Outing...February 20

Weather conditions were very nice this morning so I went out to the St. Clair River.  Nice to see it completely clear after many weeks of ice.
Interesting how certain ducks return to their same haunts.  After being iced out for several weeks, a group of seven Mallards (including the hermaphrodite) has returned to the Port Lambton dock area.  This group was around all fall and I know the hermaphrodite has been there for over two years.  One wonders where they went for several weeks--several km upriver at least!


Lots of ducks were to be found.  Even some early spring migrants including a few American Wigeon and Gadwall around Fawn Island.  Three White-winged Scoters were also at Fawn Island. A couple individuals of this species were on the river seen at various spots all winter, but these were new ones.

Cans and Reds

Long-tailed Ducks were numbering in the hundreds.  Actually this is the most I have ever seen in the Port Lambton-Sombra section of the river. 

For some reason this species has become common-place on the river the last two winters.  Previous to that, it was a noteworthy thing to see a Long-tailed south of the Sarnia area!
Long-tailed Ducks in flight.  Very distinctive Duck!

I only went as far as LGS as most of the ducks were at ICI and south.

Gulls were plentiful around Cathcart Park.  Just Ring-billed and Herring.  The White-winged types and most of the others have left.

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