Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Birding around Rondeau

The sun was out and it was not terribly cold, but it was extremely windy.  Always something negative on the weekend!  Rondeau was not too active for birds again, but gulls and ducks were out on the lake in good numbers.

At the north end of the campground I caught sight of a White-crowned Sparrow--likely the same one that was there before Christmas.  The birds there are hanging around because of a feeder setup.
The first Chipmunk of the year scurried up a tree.

At New Scotland, a flock of ~90 blackbirds, mostly Red-winged, was working a field. There were a couple of female Brewer's I think as well as Rusty.  The bright sun did not help!

At Erieau, a number of ducks and geese were in the channel including 3 Ring-necked.

I check out the marsh trail, but it was very birdless due to the wind.  Every time I go to Erieau it is very windy, so that does not help!  Interestingly, I did manage to spot a male American Wigeon in the marsh from the viewing stand.  It appeared to be frozen in the ice!  I could not get close enough to make sure, but it sure appeared so.  This is probably the first wigeon here this spring.  A bit far for a good photo...

White-crowned Sparrows were at the usual spot on Gore Road, but most birds were hidden.

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