Monday, February 21, 2011


I had a feeling this ridiculous dumping of snow would bring in something new to the feeders today.  I watched the feeders all day and there were lots of birds.  No new species until mid afternoon.  I was outside shovelling some of this 30cm+ of snow (we were only supposed to get up to 20cm!) and I was certain I heard a Redpoll.
Not long after I went back into the house, this feisty little finch was on the ground!

Eventually the number grew to eight individuals.  Finally the Redpolls have shown up here.  It seemed reports of Redpolls were increasing points north and even over in Michigan.  I knew we would eventually get them, but it took a while!

I guess we will have to start all over again with this snow. Just last week we finally got rid of most of the winter's accumulation.  This storm was a whopper dumping lots of snow in a short period of time.  So much for spring!


  1. Nice redpolls. It's been a few years since we've had an irruption. I guess I'm just to far south in Minnesota for them to be regular visitors.

  2. Blake,

    I'm jealous man! I hope they come down as far as Windsor. I have a cheap sock-style nyger feeder. Is throwing the feed on the ground a major draw for these guys?

  3. Dwayne,

    They seemed to feed more on the ground at first. There is plenty of spillage from the feeders, so ample food on the ground. I watched them and they seemed a bit nervous about feeders at first. Maybe feeders are new to these particular guys!

  4. Glad they showed up for you! Fun little birds.