Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sydenham Field Naturalists

Last evening at our February meeting, it was revealed that the new Sydenham Field Naturalists website was up and running.  Thanks to Denise Van de Veire for doing the legwork on this site.  A number of us contributed material and ideas for it.  It is in the buidling process, but check it out at:

When the club was less than a year old, I first attended a meeting in the fall of 1986 at the urging of a teacher friend.  I always had some interest in nature, but after this meeting, my interest grew immensely.  I became actively involved from the outset, eventually becoming President a few years down the road.
I attended field outings, including a birding trip to Rondeau in May 1987.  I think that is where my interest in birding really got going, as we luckily hit a big fallout day.  I still have the list I made and it included a wide variety of warblers among other things.  Kentucky and Cerulean were on the list that day!  Summer Tanager as well!
I attended the first Christmas Bird Count later that year and while out on my own for a bit, I recorded some good birds, not really knowing their significance.

My interests have widened, including my becoming very knowledgeable with butterflies.  Last evening I presented a program on butterflies, using photos I have taken over the last few years.  I just touched on the basics, but there was no way I could cover everything I wanted to.  I was up there for and hour and twenty minutes as it was!

I also belong to Lambton Wildlife in Sarnia helping out with some of their birding trips.

Funereal Dusky-wing at Point Pelee fall 2010

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