Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sun on Saturday!

Little to report today.
Went down to Rondeau.  I don't know why, as there is not much in the way of birds right now.  Too much snow to do any amount of walking as well.
There is some open water off the east side of the park that had a good number of gulls flying over.
Noted two Cedar Waxwings flying over the gas plant area east of the park.
The wind came up very strong overnight, so the roads were not in that great of shape due to blowing snow. Always something weather-related on the weekend!

I watched the feeders and the sky all afternoon. Of note was a very very high, I assume Herring Gull, heading due south all by itself.  Obviously migrating somewhere!  The nearest open water is way up at Sombra.  Nothing south of here.
Chickadees were busy at the feeder today.  Still have the five or six from November.

While watching the skies, many birds of a metal kind were going over.... (aka "Gashawks")

Think of warmer weather.....

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