Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Afternoon Leps

I was off early this afternoon and since the weather was about perfect, I stopped by Reid CA.  I spent about 90 minutes there and found some FOY butterflies.
I saw about 15 Banded Hairstreaks, but strangely, no Oak Hairstreaks today.  Usually the Oaks would be about done by this time, but there still should be some around in this "late" year.

A Striped Hairstreak caught my eye at one point, as a FOY.

Later on, I saw an Edwards' Hairstreak, another FOY.

There was not much variety today.  Lots of Appalachian Browns were in flight, but I never bothered to get any photos of them.

I knew Dukes' Skippers had to be out by now, and with some patience, I came across two fresh individuals.

Not many odes today, but one near the entrance I could only surmise to be a Mocha Emerald.  I am not certain, as I did not have a net on hand.  I have never seen Mocha at this location, but I guess it is possible.

On a completely different subject, a big chapter in my life came to a conclusion today.  I sold my boat, which I originally restored for my father 20 years ago!  It was a bit emotional to see it go, but I have not used it in the last few years and I know it went to a good home.

First day of arrival, back in April 1997!......


  1. WOW !! Your boat!
    You did a great job ! I bet it took 100's of hours,
    and your Dad would have been so pleased with your work.
    Yes--that is a big moment in your life.

    1. Thanks Irene! It was difficult to give up with all the time and work I put into it, but the memories will last a life time.