Monday, January 7, 2019

Campground Birding at Rondeau Park

On Sunday I went back to Rondeau and pounded the campground well.  I was hoping to get a glimpse of the elusive oriole that has been seen off and on.  It was not to be and the closest I came was seeing oriole nests!

Once again, it comes down to dumb luck, and being in the right place at the right time.  I finally did see the wintering Orange-crowned Warbler in the north part of the campground.  It was foraging in the golden-rod/weedy area at the north end.  Difficult to see.  It quickly disappeared though.

Later, on my last stop in the campground, I came across the warbler right away (assuming it was the same bird).  I had just walked away from the parking lot, and there it was nicely seen in a pine tree.  It was moving around a lot, so I never got a good photo.

There were actually many birds in that area on my last stop, including another Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  Lots of the golden variety were working the cedars.

Earlier, I got a nice look at the resident Barred Owl in the same area as it was the previous day.

Apparently, this owl has been around since at least December 1.  A photo was taken that day, but only later posted on the Weather Network site.  As often is the case with rare birds, non-birders post their photos on Facebook, or other social media sites.  Sometimes it pays off!

Barred Owls must be on the move this winter, as several have been reported in places they are not normally found.  As well, some of the CBC's have reported higher numbers than normal.

At sunrise, I took a couple of quick looks at the lake.  There was not as much moving as the previous day.  Some of the Tundra Swans were still around NE of the park.

I did see one Red-throated Loon off the VC, however later in the morning is better for seeing them.

I spent most of the morning in the campground chasing the flock of birds that roams the area.  Several White-throated Sparrows have set up camp this year.

Despite a valiant effort, I never did find the oriole.  I had never seen one in the winter time, so I do not know if I ever will!

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