Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Muggy Monday Meanderings

I did not go far on holiday Monday.  By noon the heat and humidity did me in!  We had some thunderstorms by mid afternoon anyway.
I headed up to Dow Wetlands south of Sarnia first thing.  A few Boblinks were moving around in the grasslands.

There were several dragonflies in the ponds, including Slaty Skimmers.

I then decided to walk at Perch Creek.  I went to look for Broad-winged Skippers, and did find one that never stayed still.  I was hoping for some early Leonard's Skippers, but that may have to wait until next week.
There were few butterflies (the trend this summer), but I did come across a lingering Striped Hairstreak.

There is lots of Culvers Root and Spiked Blazing Star in one area.

Some non-native species such as Elecampane are present as well.

Some common tiny moths that are easily overlooked include the White-striped Black.  I have seen many of these lately.

On the way home, I stopped by Wilkesport and a Royal River Cruiser decided to pose nicely.

Royal Rivers are actually quite common along the north branch of the Sydenham.

Over the pond, an Osprey was making some rounds.

A female Mallard seemed to be taking over duties of looking after the young Hooded Mergansers.

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