Monday, July 23, 2018

Lagoon Birding at Forest

Despite the dreary weather, I headed up to Forest on Saturday morning.  I had heard that habitat was good for shorebirds.  Indeed it was!  In fact, it appears to be the best place around to view migrating shorebirds.  I spent about 2.5h there.
The lagoons are along Brush Road north of the village.

The site is birder friendly as there is an open access along the laneway to the treatment plant and compost pile.
There is a small viewing platform with a roof, but visibility is limited.  It was recently erected.

There are three ponds, two of which are perfect for shorebirds.

The birds were a bit distant for any good photos and the lighting was horrible anyway.

The Forest lagoons were always a stop in the past on field trips, especially with Lambton Wildlife.  Always a popular spot!

Afterwards, I checked out Ipperwash Forested Dunes and Swales with Sarnia friends.  It was terribly quiet for birds!  Not much good for insects either due to the typical weekend weather.

Swamp Darner

Northern Broken Dash (I think)

On Sunday there was little to report due to the ridiculous weather.  We had about 150% rain contrary to the 60% indicated in the forecast.
I wandered around all day in the car.  Some shorebirds included a Sanderling at Wheatley Harbour.

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