Friday, June 29, 2018

Lep Season

The past couple of days I was out briefly to see what was around.  Of course, Reid CA is always on the list.  Thursday I was late in getting to Reid, but did see one Oak Hairstreak early evening. 

It is peak season for them, but they will decline after the Holiday weekend.
I walked around McKeough CA a bit earlier, but there were more ticks and butterflies!

Eastern Tailed-Blues

I was off work early this afternoon and stopped by Reid in the extreme heat.  There was not a lot of activity, perhaps due to the heat.  I did come across a couple of Oak Hairstreaks, two or three Banded, and a FOY Striped Hairstreak.

Indian Hemp is most attractive to these butterflies.

It is a bit early at Reid for Dukes' Skippers and Royal River Cruisers, but I will be on the lookout.

Butterfly counts have started, with Pinery/Port Franks last weekend (not sure how they made out in the typical weekend weather!).
This Sunday is Skunk's Misery which is one of the better counts.

July 7 is Ojibway (Windsor) and July 8 is Rondeau which I hope to attend.
The Clear Creek count is late in the month.

I will be out and about this weekend to see what is around!

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