Saturday, June 30, 2018

Holiday Weekend Crop Tour-South Lambton

I checked some spots between Wallaceburg and Sarnia this morning.  With the holiday weekend upon us, I did not want to go far.  As well, the heat and humidity was unbearable by noon!  It seemed uncanny to see a cloudless sky on this Saturday as I headed out.
I first drove east on McCallum Line and came across a singing Dickcissel near Brigden Road.   It was not totally surprising since they were at this location last year.

I then moved up  to Stanley Line noting some birds along the way.  Just west of Kimball Road, I came across another Dickcissel in a field that held them in 2017 as well.

I worked my way up to Sarnia and checked out the old Blackwell landfill where I discovered some Dickcissels a few weeks ago.  There were at least three singing males still there.

It is a good spot for Eastern Meadowlarks as well.

meadowlark #2

One of these days I hope to come across a Western Meadowlark in the area.  They used to be more regular in the "old" days!

Heading back south, I checked some other 2017 Dickcissel sites, but came up empty.

I stopped by Moore WMA hoping to get across the creek.  However, with the ridiculous amount of rain we have had recently, the water level was much too high.  I was hoping to look for Mocha Emerald.
I did come across the first Royal River Cruiser of the year.

Just after that, a Fawn Darner made an appearance.  We do not see these too often around here.

It was getting late in the morning, so I decided to head to Reid CA before it got too hot.
Lots of hairstreaks and other butterflies were out.  Most were Banded, but I came across four Oak Hairstreaks (based on my photos).

I have yet to see an Edwards' and Coral Hairstreak here.
I saw another Royal River Cruiser patrolling the trail here.
I checked for Dukes' Skippers, but they were not yet out.

I wanted to do more, but by high noon, I was nearing heat exhaustion!

Pronghorn Clubtail
Red-tailed hawk

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