Tuesday, May 15, 2018

South Shore Scenes

I went for a walk along the Mitchell's Bay south shore trail this evening. One has to take advantage of the nice weather before the weekend.
A few warblers were present including this Blackpoll.

A Northern Parula was nearby.

A few Yellow-rumped were flitting about as well.

The Trumpeter Swan was also trying to hide among the Mute Swans.  It was a bit further out today.

There are a lot of non-breeding Mute Swans around this year.  I noticed that some nestings has failed, obviously due to the wacky weather this spring.

The south shore trail and Angler Line area is one of my favourite spots for an evening walk.  One never knows what will appear there.  White Pelicans are a good bet this time of year, but none have been reported there to my knowledge.

Many trees are in blossom at this time, attracting insects for the migrating birds.

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