Monday, May 14, 2018

Mid May Meanderings

It is Monday.  The weather turned nice and more birds showed up.  Need I say more?

Sunday morning I went back to Rondeau.  It was rather soggy.  The area had a tremendous amount of rain on Saturday and as result everything was flooded.  Flooding was to the extent that nobody had ever seen in recent memory, at least.  All trails had some standing water, parts of Lakeshore Road were flooded (never saw this before), and the campground was a swamp.  In fact, I heard today that the campground was closed due to to further notice.  More rain is expected, so I wonder how that will affect this coming holiday weekend when the campground is usually at capacity?

I drove around Saturday afternoon as there was not much else to do in the downpour.  Most fields were like lakes!

Back to Sunday birding....well, it was very slow.  I was so bored I left the park by 10 a.m.!  This is certainly unprecedented at this date.

"Ya, I'm still trying"

I checked out Hillman Marsh shorebird cell.  One never knows what may drop in there, but it is always worth a visit.
On the way home, it started to clear up and sun came out.  I guess the weekend was coming to an end.
I stopped by Angler Line.  The Cattle Egret that was found the previous day was nearby.  I walked the south shore trail.  The Trumpeter Swan was still present.  There is also a pair on the north shore trail! (see Nature Nuggets blog).

The late afternoon was nice enough that I went for a walk at Reid CA.  A few birds were present.

White Trilliums

The only butterfly I saw was a FOY Juvenal's Duskywing.

This morning there were quite a few migrant birds for a change at Port Lambton.  This evening I checked out Peers Wetland and a nice selection of warblers was present. It was nice to stand basically in one spot and look at birds, rather than walk endlessly seeing very little.
Some were even in the yard today, including this Cape May Warbler checking out the birdbath.

The Hudsonian Godwits were still present at Stewart Wetland today.  However, they have become rather elusive.  I did not see them on the way to work this morning, and not after work!

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