Monday, April 23, 2018

Rondeau/Reid Rambles

I headed back down to Rondeau on Sunday morning.  With the very nice weather, one would hope there were lots of birds to look at.  That was not the case!  Many of the birds from Saturday had left overnight, and virtually nothing came in.
It is interesting to think about all the birds we have seen by this date in past years.  Every year is different!

The Virginia Rail was still on TTT, and I managed a better photo.

The only warbler species so far reported in the park was Yellow-rumped, and they were difficult to find.  I only managed about 4 this day.
Today was certainly better in all areas with the balmy weather.  I finally saw a Pine Warbler at Port Lambton early this morning, and several Caspian Terns were around.  A couple of shorebirds (both yellowlegs) finally showed up as well.

It has been a good year for seeing lots of Horned Grebes.  There were still many scattered about yesterday.  they were even in ditches.

Several were at Blenheim Lagoons.

Ruby-crowned Kinglets have increased in numbers, but this Golden-crowned posed for a photo.

I was home around noon, so in the afternoon I went for a walk in the woods at Reid CA.  As mentioned before, it is not the best place for birds, but it always nice to walk through the woods.  I did see several Mourning Cloaks, and some Eastern Commas.  As well, a very early Gray Comma was out.  (Reid is one of the better spots to find Gray Comma).  Spring wildflowers are just now popping up after a very long winter.

Old Logging Trail

Low Spot (old Oxbow)


  1. And now that the weekend is over I hear that a solitaire decided to show up down your way.

  2. The butterflies have been having a tough time of it so far. Hopefully they managed to survive the long winter. I've only seen a handful yet, but am anxious for a good season to come!