Saturday, April 28, 2018

April Anomalies (April 28)

It was down to Rondeau Park early this morning as usual.  Speaking as usual, the weather went for a crap just in time for weekend.  Look for nice weather come Monday, as usual.
It was slim pickings again with only one Yellow-rumped Warbler in 4.5h.  Rather crazy for this time of year!  There are more birds farther north actually.  Pine Warblers are on territory.  Lots of Yellow-rumped are around. For example, I had at least 22 at Reid CA yesterday in less than half an hour, while Steve had none in over six hours at Rondeau!

Reid Remnant

This morning however, I did hear an Ovenbird sing on south point trail.  It remained unseen, but I will take it.
The trail is just as flooded as last weekend, but that was not unexpected with this cool damp weather.
I birded with Larry Cornelis and Steve Charbonneau, making the usual rounds.

Jeepers Creepers (where are the birds?)

The most common duck off SPT was Long-tailed.  There have been quite a few this spring.
Lots of White-throated Sparrows were in this morning.
Not much else to say about Rondeau today!

On the agenda today was to head to Wheatley Harbour and Hillman Marsh.  Upon arrival at Wheatley, two cold Willets were on the beach. 

Yesterday there were almost sixty there!  I did not stay long as it was unbearably cold in the wind.  I wish it was January since we had better weather then!

Next stop was Hillman Marsh shorebird cell.  This time of year lots of things come and go there, and today was no exception.  Upon arrival about 35 American Golden Plover were in the cell.  Eventually they took off, leaving 8 or 9 Black-bellied.

Four Sandhill Cranes came in at one point, shuffling the deck of terns, gulls and shorebirds.

Lots of Greater Yellowlegs and a few Lesser Yellowlegs were in as well.  A few Horned Grebes were swimming around.

Over 200 Dunlin were present.

After about an hour and half shivering in the cold, I left for the warmth of the car.  I checked areas in the old Dover Township near Mitchell's Bay.
Some luck was still with me, as I came across a small flock of  (7) Yellow-headed Blackbirds.  These were at the corner of Marsh Line and Big Pointe Line.

They have not made it to Angler Line as many of the locals have been checking.  However, Thursday evening I was along Angler and the shore trail and heard one out on Ticky Tacky Point.  There was no wind (unusual anymore) and I could hear for long distances. 

Still the odd Snowy Owl around.  I saw two today-one at Prairie Siding and one of the lingering ones along Angler.

That area remains a great birding spot with lots of things coming and going.  After sunrise or just before sunset are the best times.  I often like to stand at the parking lot of the shore trail on Angler at sunset and watch for birds.

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