Monday, March 26, 2018

Sarnia Sunday Scenes

I was out for the morning on Sunday checking out some spots in Sarnia and area.  Owls were some of the first birds I saw before the sun rose, with a Snowy along Kimball as well as a Great Horned on a perch near Wilkesport.
Speaking of perch (not the fish), I stopped at Perch Creek Habitat Area first thing for a short walk.  I came across the lingering Northern Saw-whet Owl. Assuming it is the same one from all winter, it has been quite elusive.  I did not try to get a decent photo as I am not one to disturb the creatures.  It was contently resting in the cedar.

Lots of these little owls move through our area in migration, but we do not see them due to their secretive and nocturnal behaviour.  Perch Creek always has at least one each winter.

I also stopped at the lakewatch spot at the mouth of Lake Huron, Government Docks and North Slip and Sarnia Bay.  A good variety of ducks was around, but nothing out of the ordinary.

White-winged Scoter with Redheads and Canvasback

Gadwall with Redheads

Lots of mergansers are around right now.

Red-breasted Merganser
And, of course, the confused male Wood Duck is still hanging around the parking lot near the end of London Line.

With the cold weather, land birds were still scarce.  Moore Wildlife Management Area was very quiet this day. Warmer weather is on the way, so perhaps things will get up to speed soon.


This morning there were still at least three Snowy Owls along Langstaff Line west of Wallaceburg.  I did not see one last week!  Lots are still around apparently according to recent reports.

Algoma ships in winter layup at Sarnia

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