Sunday, March 4, 2018

Perch to Peers

I was only out for the morning today despite the beautiful weather.  I did some maintenance on my car this afternoon.  It certainly took a beating through this nasty winter!

I went for a long walk at Perch Creek first thing.  There were more Black-capped Chickadees than I normally see.

A couple of Northern Flickers were making some racket signalling the end of winter.

Some Mallards and Gadwall were in the pond at the north end.

It was one last effort to look for a Northern Saw-whet Owl, but I had no luck.  I will likely have to wait till next fall now!

Perch Creek skirts the old Blackwell landfill. I took a view of the solar farm from the hill on the north side, but no raptors were visible.  I should have walked over the hill, as some early arrivals in the form of Eastern Meadowlarks were on the west side! (as I found out later)

I drove through the countryside down to Moore Wildlife Management Area.  The water was still a little too high to make the crossing on the river.  While there, I flushed a couple of Great Blue Herons, plus three others flew over.  So, I guess they had just arrived.  There used to be, or may still be, a herony down the road from here.

Great Blue over Black Creek

The level of the river can rise dramatically in this valley during flooding.  The recent closure of the McKeough Dam probably rose the level a good 3+ metres here.  It was interesting to see all the debris that had washed down the river.  It is certainly nature's way of flushing the system!

Also on the river, 7 Wood Ducks were present.  These things are very skittish and took off right away.

Find the Wood Duck!

I stopped for a walk at Nicholl's Memorial Forest at Wilkesport as well.  Some beavers were recently sharpening their teeth on various trees.

Just before getting home, I stopped by Peers Wetland for the first time since late December (Wallaceburg CBC).  This place gets incredibly dead during the winter!
Some Mallards and Canada Geese were taking advantage of the open water.  I will be checking here more often now that spring is here.


Sarnia Harbour last Monday evening

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