Friday, March 9, 2018

Gull Mania near Sombra

The sun finally came out this afternoon as I headed upriver after work today.  There was much ice along the shoreline due to the winds, and very little to see birdwise.

At Cathcart Park, there were hundreds of gulls! 

I estimated around 1000 and several hundred more off CF Industries outfall.

It was a good gull winter along the river, and I thought many of them had left by now.  However, I did notice a large number heading upriver at Port Lambton early this morning.  More than usual.

Lighting was not good for the time of day, but nice to see all those gulls. No rarities that I could find.

There were a few Glaucous and at least one Iceland, but the bulk were Herring.

In other news, the young male King Eider was seen off Cathcart Park earlier this week.  Apparently an adult male King Eider was seen at the entrance of the St. Clair River at Port Huron last weekend! (was posted on Facebook).

While indoors all week, I have been working on a project from the past.  This boat was in storage the last 12 years!  I originally rebuilt it (into a gentleman's racer) from a skeleton but it was never completely finished.  It will finally be complete this spring!


Originally a 17' Chris Craft 1954 Utility

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