Friday, January 12, 2018

Gulls, Ducks, and Sombra Shambles

As this bizarre and wacky weather continues things are happening. As usual, our weather goes from one extreme to the other with little in between.
Today we started with fairly warm rain, then high winds,, cold and snow for the afternoon.  The water levels were already high, and this afternoon were some of the highest I have seen on the St. Clair River.
Yesterday, the high water and ice damaged the Sombra ferry causeway, and today it was totally gone!

I went up to take a look after getting off work early today.

The ice was moving quickly in the river today.  Many docks were taken out and even a boat on a lift in Sombra Bay is about to be lost.  It does not help that the Coast Guard ice breakers try to move ice around for ships that should not be out there in the first place, this time of year.

Lots of gulls were on the river today, and quite a few at Port Lambton.

Some open pockets of water held lots of ducks. The bulk of them were Canvasbacks.

Lots of other species were mixed in.

Cathcart Park was flooded, so I stayed in the car.  Lots of gulls and ducks were off the park as well.

I plan on going out tomorrow.  Who knows what the weather will be since forecasts are rather unreliable anymore!

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