Saturday, January 6, 2018

Birding By Car

It was one of those days I stuck to the car for birding!  It was too cold to do much walking, so I did a lot of driving today, adding some birds to the year list.
I first checked the St. Clair River.  There are not many spots to look for ducks and gulls right now, but the Sombra ferry dock  and Guthrie Park at Corunna are a couple.

I did not see anything different at Sombra today.  I moved on up towards Sarnia.  I took one inland detour between Oil Springs Line and Courtright Line and happened upon a Snowy Owl.  Good choice for just one concession!

I spent a half hour at Corunna.  Nothing notable was seen and not even a white-winged gull.

Sarnia did not produce much either, but there is too much ice everywhere.  I did one of the Peregrine Falcons on the bridge.

I decided to head inland and go towards Middlesex County.  There are very few hawks this winter around here. In fact, in five hours I only saw 2 Red-tailed Hawks, plus an accipter!

There were lots of Horned Larks on the roads today as well as a few Snow Buntings.

Horned lark with coffee cup

I drove the entire length of Oil Springs Line to Pratt Siding Road.  Over the Sydenham Nature Reserve, I spotted a Golden Eagle.  It was flying away though, so not photo opportunity.

I drove through Skunk's Misery as well.  Some Wild Turkeys were beside a woodlot, but no Golden Eagles to be seen today.  It is just good luck to find them it seems.

Upon arriving at home, the feeders were very busy.  More Pine Siskins have moved in.

One of these days I hope redpolls get down this way!



  1. Middlesex is pretty slow right now except for the Thames! Apparently a Barrow's Goldeneye was seen today around Springbank Park. I went out this evening, but didn't find it. I know what I am doing tomorrow!

    1. Not sure about the Barrow's, but that part of the Thames can produce some good stuff. Been a long time since I have been there!

  2. January 3 at Greenway, I thought I saw a Barrow's. But looking at the crappy photo on my January 3 post, I put it down as a female Common Goldeneye.

    1. You never know what may show up. However, the description on eBird yesterday was completely inadequate for Barrow's.