Saturday, December 2, 2017

Today's Tour December 2

I was up bright and early this morning and headed towards Rondeau Park.  I started at dog beach with the Charbonneau's.  It was a bit quiet this morning, but still several Red-throated Loons were around.

Sunrise Loon

We later moved on to south point trail, which was rather quiet as well.  It was unseasonably mild today, so that may have been a factor.
Another Red-throated Loon was swimming fairly close off the light beacon.

I checked out the maintenance area on my own and found some of the wintering Yellow-rumped Warblers.  A good flock of birds was along Harrison south of pony barn, but nothing too unusual.

A check of the campground started out slow, but I soon found a nice group of birds on the east side just south of midway.  This kept me busy for some time.
The resident Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was working some trees.

I actually think there were two sapsuckers today.

There were lots of sparrows, House Finches, both kinglets and some American Robins among others.

Close to noon I was not sure what to do, so for something different, I headed over to Hillman Marsh.  The shorebird cell finally has some water in it, but no birds!
At the boardwalk, I noticed a male Wood Duck with some Gadwall and Mallards.
Some sparrows were nearby, and I heard a Marsh Wren chipping in a usual spot.

On the way home, I decided to stop at St. Clair NWA.  It was filled with waterfowl, but I was too tired to drag a scope along!  I did pick out over 100 Ring-necked Ducks from the tower.

At one point along the dike, I spotted an odd duck.  It took flight before I could get a photo, but I did get some record shots in flight.  Perhaps it is a Mallard X Northern Pintail male.

I encountered no Marsh Wrens, so perhaps they are morning birds!
Nelson's Sparrow was on my mind, but maybe there will be a repeat of last year at the end of December.

Near Mitchell's Bay along Marsh Line, I found a Snowy Owl perched nicely on a hydro pole.  It seemed oblivious to my presence.

Yesterday was a fine weather day, ending with a nice sunset. (and no owls!)

Sombra Sunset


  1. Snowy Owl---nice shot !
    Looks great on your Blog !

    1. Thanks. Too bad the owl was not in a more natural setting!

  2. Great photo of the Snowy Owl, Blake!