Saturday, December 30, 2017

Thamesville Area Birding

Today was the Skunk's Misery CBC and I checked out my usual area from Thamesville up to Lambton Line and east to Zone Road 5.
We received significant snowfall overnight (much more than expected!) which made roads slick first thing.
My first stop was a park at the east end of Thamesville.  From there I next went to the Tecumseh Memorial display along the Thames River. 

Usually quite a few birds are found here, but with the deepfreeze and deep snow this winter, few were to be found.  However, there was quite a gathering of Mourning Doves (at least 75) from the farm across the river.
Normally there is open water on the river with some geese and ducks, but not this year!

Interpretive Signs

I went up and down the snow-covered roads.  Zone Road 2 had a number of birds including a couple of American Robins.
Around the corner, I found the nicest birds of the day.  Three Eastern Bluebirds were alongside Base Line.
Later, I found some chickadees, but I only got this in the photo (LOL!):

Nice Sumac

A couple of Bald Eagles were along the river in the distance south of Florence. Golden Eagles are often found around Skunk's Misery in winter, but these were Bald.

One of my last stops (which in the past was always the first stop!) was at the Thamesville Bridge.  Unfortunately things are messed up here as they are building a new bridge just west of the present structure.  The present structure will eventually disappear.  As I mentioned in the past, it is an unusual type in the form of cantilever truss.

Photo from last year (note lack of snow!!)

I was able to check out the east side of the bridge beside the water plant.  I found quite a few birds here actually.

Lots of Hackberry here

At home, I watched the feeders for a while later in the afternoon.  Finally some Pine Siskins showed up!  It has been over a year since I have seen them here.

Note goldfinch suspended in mid-air!

Also, a Red-breasted Nuthatch which I had earlier in December, suddenly made an appearance after an absence of more than two weeks.  It did not show for the CBC (I also know of another on count day, after the fact!).

One more CBC locally on Monday--the St. Clair NWA. It will be COLD!


  1. I wish I knew about the Skunk's Misery CBC! Would've been great to pick up some last minute year birds in my home county.

    1. Plan on it for next year! I am sure you would enjoy it. They could always use more eyes.

  2. Interesting to read about your day's adventures. Always was one of my favourite counts, along with about 6 others. Mother Nature can be wicked some years. Sounds like this is just about one of the worst -- weatherwise.

    Dave Skinner