Friday, December 29, 2017

Birding the Deepfreeze

Yesterday I checked out the St. Clair River.  Based on what I saw, we picked a good day for the local CBC.  It seemed that not as much was around than the previous day.  I kept to the car.
With the widespread deepfreeze, more ice has formed.

Lots of ducks were off the north end of Corunna, but no Barrow's Goldeneye or Tufted Duck!

It will be interesting to see what happens if this real winter persists.  It could be good for gulls on the river!  Yesterday it felt like Ivory Gull conditions!

Not an Ivory Gull

Today we woke up to a little more snow.  We have already had enough and winter is just starting.
I headed over to St. Clair NWA for a frigid walk.  Waterfowl was packed like sardines into a couple small open patches.  However, it was too distant to make out any detail.

It is certainly a far cry from last year when I found the Nelson's Sparrow.  I only had one each of Tree, Song and Swamp today.  No marsh wrens of course.

The CBC there is on Monday, so we will see how that fares.


  1. I'll have to try to come down your way sometime in the winter. Looks like good opportunities for winter waterfowl.

    1. The river is certainly a good place during winter. It is fun trying to come across a rarity!