Sunday, October 15, 2017

Birds at the Tip

Very strong SW winds sucked me down to Point Pelee early this morning.  One has to try!

John D. Leitch passing Point Pelee

There was a pretty good movement of birds, but not a huge movement.  And, nothing decidedly rare!
It seems to be the trend this fall as lakewatches have been nonchalant for the most part.  Perhaps is has just been too warm.

Jeremy Bensette, Kory Renaud, Dan Greenham

Our highlight was a young Parasitic Jaeger barreling down the west side of the park and past the Tip.  I was the first to spot it and we all got good looks as it flew past.

We had two Parasitic last weekend, so no variety yet!  However, a jaeger is always decent down this way.

There was a big movement of Dunlin today.  Several groups of ten to twenty came down the east side during the course of the morning.  No other shorebirds!  Where are those Red Phalaropes?

Some Bonaparte's gulls were moving today, but not a large number.  Once again, nothing with them.
Double-crested Cormorants were feeding off the west side.

The winds picked up through the morning and the Tip kept shrinking.  We had to keep moving back and watch for rogue waves!  At one point, I was not paying attention and my shoes got soaked.  So much for keeping dry feet for once on a weekend!

Common Loon (note open bill)

A few ducks were moving today, including quite a few Gadwall.  Others included Mallard, Northern Shoveller (2), both scaup and Red-breasted Mergansers.  Strangely, no scoters that I noticed.

Horny Grebe

After 4.5h standing at the Tip, it was time to move on.  It was too windy to look for passerines, including Nelson's Sparrow.  I tried at Hillman Marsh for a bit, but it was too windy and threatening rain.

On to yet another week....


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