Friday, August 4, 2017

Early August Sightings

Now that we are into August, migrants are moving through more regularly.  Habitat remains pretty good for shorebirds at Stewart Wetland west of Wallaceburg.  Yesterday evening there was a good number of shorebirds.
Sandhill Cranes are doing their daily ritual west of Wallaceburg, coming from Michigan.  They arrive early morning, and depart in the evening. There are currently about two dozen, but numbers will increase into the fall.
Shorebird numbers are decent at Blenheim Lagoons.  There is good edge along the middle pond on the right, and the sprinkler cells are occasionally good.  Yesterday a Red-necked Phalarope showed up and was still present today.
I got off work at noon today and went for a couple of walks.  First was at Moore WMA, but the river was running high due to intense rain light yesterday.  I was mainly looking for insects!

Red-spotted Purple on Purple Coneflower

Blue-fronted Dancer

Variable Dancer (?)

Northern Broken-Dash (worn)

Another walk was at Nicholl's Memorial Forest at Wilkesport where I encountered a couple of Royal River Cruisers.

There was another large dragonfly which may have been a Fawn Darner.
Some butterflies were seen as well.  A Bronze Copper was nice along the pond, but it never stopped. Others included a Tawny-edged Skipper.

Eastern Tailed-Blue

Common Wood Nymph

Weather looks fairly decent for the weekend and I will be out and about!

Flower Longhorn Beetle

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