Thursday, July 6, 2017

July 6 Rambles: Hairstreaks to Gulls

I got my work done early today and headed over to Reid CA for a walk.  I walked through the woods checking for Dukes' Skippers, but I guess they have not yet emerged.
Some butterflies were working the Indian Hemp, including a few hairstreaks.  No Northern Oaks were found, but they are about the end of their cycle for this year.
I found a few Banded and one that may be a Hickory.

Lots of Wood Nymphs are now out.

This male Eastern Amberwing was nearby.

Yesterday a Black-headed Gull was discovered by Jeremy Hatt in Wheatley Harbour among the mass of Bonaparte's Gulls.  Rather than sit around all evening, I headed down to try and find it.
Most of the gulls were on the docks and rocks and I was looking into the sun, so I thought it was going to be a challenge to find the thing.
Oddly, I found it right away!  It was on the very last rock, just inside the C-K border.

It got up a couple of times with the bonies.  The third time, most of the gulls went out to the beach or onto the water.  I saw the Black-headed Gull fly overhead, so I went over to check out the beach.
It was easily found among the bonies.

The Black-headed Gull actually has a brown head cap which makes one wonder how it can be called black-headed!

This is the third one I have ever seen in Wheatley Harbour over the years.

The Chatham-Kent/Essex border can be dicey in the harbour, so here is an air view as to where the line is for one's curiosity:

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