Saturday, July 8, 2017

Dickcissels, Dunes and Swales, Dickcissels

Today I headed in a northerly direction towards Ipperwash.  I took some back roads on the way up.  Two spots along Forest Road had Dickcissels not reported previously.
Weather was quite pleasant with a northerly breeze today as I walked through Ipperwash Dunes and Swales.

Several Pine Warblers were seen or heard, as they are common in the area.

Best warbler was a Magnolia, which occasionally breeds in the area.

Along Beach trail, there was a lot of Butterfly Weed, but nothing on it.  Once again, butterflies were scarce.  There were a few including this Delaware Skipper.

I took a tour around Kettle Point before leaving the area.  Water level is very high, and there is no point!  I recall when we used to be able to walk quite a ways out.

I went into Sarnia on the way back and checked out Logan's Pond.  A waste of time!  It is another very poor year for dragonflies in these parts.
Dow Wetlands was on the list next.  Dickcissels were quite co-operative.

They seem to hang around where there are patches of  teasel or thistle.

Female Dickcissel

I came across another Dickcissel at the corner of Moore Line and Highway 40, as well as one at Lambton Generating Station which I discovered a few days ago.

After lunch (I recommend stopping at the burger stand in Courtright!), I headed back into the countryside.

I stopped at Moore WMA and went for a long walk.  It is getting quite grown-in where I used to find lots of butterflies.  The prairie plantings have not been maintained.

Compass Plant

I did find a couple of Edwards' Hairstreaks.

The river level was finally way down so one can get across the crossing to check out the "back 40".

Long Dash (?)

A final stop at Reid CA did not reveal any Dukes' Skippers yet.

Delaware Skipper

Banded Hairstreak

Highlight there was a family of Eastern Screech-Owls.  I heard some noise in the back corner of the meadow area and caught a glimpse of several owls.  I was not able to get any photos.

Sunday is the Rondeau butterfly count, so we will see what turns up! (Hopefully a Pipevine Swallowtail or two).

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