Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Recent Wanderings

Sunday I decided to check out Point Pelee.  On the way, Dickcissels were in the known locations including the field beside Camper's Cove Road, Hillman Marsh and along Mersea Road 19 (2 spots).

Often, this time of year, I walk down east beach to the Tip and back west beach trail.  East beach was a challenge in spots due to the very high water.  At one point, there was no beach and I had to bush-wack over fallen trees. (not doing that again any time soon!)
Butterflies were few and far between, and the west side was no better due to the strong west wind.

Red-breasted Mergs at Tip area

Off Sparrow Field were some gulls, but none of the rarer type!  Lots of bonies were included plus a Lesser Black-backed.  One can only be hopeful for something like a Black-headed.

A Great Blue Heron was wading in the water at the Tip.

Some young birds included this Yellow Warbler along west beach.

This large insect was interesting.

Today, I got off work a bit early and headed over to Reid CA.  Allen Woodliffe was already there looking for hairstreaks.  It seemed to be an "off" day for hairstreaks even though the weather was decent.  We found a few Banded.  At one point I thought we saw a Hickory, but maybe not.

Despite some patience, we did not see an"Oak" hairstreak.


Some Question Mark and Eastern Comma were along the main trail, as well as a few Appalachian Browns.

Soon, Dukes' Skippers should be showing up.  Perhaps they will do better this year with all the rain we have had.
The garden is doing well with all the moisture this year.

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