Saturday, June 24, 2017

Lambton Crop Tour June 24

Early Morning Dickcissel
Today I decided to tour around south Lambton County to look for birds and butterflies.  Of course, Dickcissels were everywhere.  Is this the biggest invasion ever or what?  I encountered a couple along Lambton Line east of Kimball Road, previously unreported.

I zig-zagged through the county roads, passing by the McCallum Line Dickcissels. I then worked my way north.  The Loggerhead Shrike was a one-day wonder (June 13) I guess, as nobody has found it again.
Dickcissels were in a few spots along Stanley needless to say.
I eventually wound up on Ladysmith Line and at the north end there were some more Dickcissels.  Also immediately to the west along LaSalle Line.
I was due for a walk at Dow Wetlands along LaSalle Line just west of highway 40.  Here I found a couple of Upland Sandpipers--a usual sighting here.  Good to know some are here this year.

Naturally, there were Dickcissels here too!  I found at least six.

Beside Doug's Lookout (pond), I was watching another Dickcissel.  After five minutes a female popped up right there, so I assume it was constructing a nest.

I stopped beside Bickford Oak Woods, and at the corner of Bickford Line and highway 40 were at least two more Dickcissels.  One was right at the parking lot for BOW.  A very poor photo was taken.

I see that a famous Sarnia birder ventured into BOW early this morning.  I was tempted to go into this mosquito-ridden swamp, but could not muster up the courage.  Deryl Nethercott did find a Hooded Warbler--a decent record for the area.

I stopped by Moore WMA, but after the torrential rains of yesterday, the river was running very high.  So, no big walk there.

Down Waubuno Road near the curve at Black Creek Line, was yet another Dickcissel.  I did not stop to see how many were there.

This time of year, a stop at Reid CA is mandatory.  Hairstreaks are now coming out!  Late yesterday I found the first Southern (Northern Oak) Hairstreak.  Weather was not ideal yesterday though.


Also, the first Banded Hairstreak.....

Today, I found four or five 'Oaks', but only a couple Banded.

Some Long Dash and Peck's were in the mix.

Long Dash (worn)

Peck's Skipper

While other butterflies are scarce, European Skippers seem to be the most numerous I have seen them in a long time.

A fresh Great-spangled Fritillery was along the path..

Appalachian Browns are also out, but I never got a photo of one today.

I also stopped by McKeough CA.  Numerous Delaware Skippers were in the floodway.

I also found one each of American Painted-Lady and Common Painted-Lady.

'Tis the season!

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