Thursday, April 27, 2017

Migration This Week and Evening Walk at Mitchell's Bay

This evening I headed out to Mitchell's Bay to check out the south shore trail.  The wind was brutal out of the SW, but the first part of the trail was somewhat sheltered with the trees.
Last week I saw the Yellow-headed Blackbirds in the adjacent field, and they have been frequenting this spot for the last week.  Many local birders have gone out to see them.

A number of blackbirds were in the field and I soon picked out some yellow heads! They were quite distant, but the yellow heads stood out in the evening sun.

They were moving around quite a bit, as usual, but I saw at least 7 males and 1 female.  It is difficult to ascertain how many are actually around as they are quite active.  They roam around quite a bit this time of year before they settle into the marshes.

Along the trail edge, a number of warblers and other passerines were working the shrubbery.  They just kept moving up and down the trail.
Most numerous were Yellow-rumped of course, but I picked out Black-throated Green, Nashville and several Palm Warblers.

Some of the Yellow-rumped were quite co-operative.

Along the trail was also a Warbling Vireo.  They came in this week.

I also saw a FOY Least Flycatcher along the trail.

On Wednesday this week, there was a major influx of passerines!  Many FOY birds were seen in many locales.  I went out the door on Tuesday morning about 06:30 and heard a FOY Baltimore Oriole singing in the neighbour's tree.
I then went out to Peers Wetland on the edge of town and noted a number of birds.

Sunrise at Peers Wetland

Peers is a fairly small place but attracts a good variety of birds with the wetland and small woodlot and creek edge.  It has been the best spot locally so far, to check on my way to work in the mornings.

This weekend looks like more typical weekend weather (wet and cool!), but hopefully birding will be interesting.

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