Saturday, April 29, 2017

Birding April 29

This morning I birded Rondeau Park with Steve Charbonneau.  As the relentless NE winds continue, migrants have been trickling in.  It seemed to be a weekend for quality birds, not quantity, as many "good" birds were reported today throughout SW Ontario by intrepid birders.

Many Black-throated Green and Nashville Warblers arrived overnight, as well as a smattering of other species which were new for the year (FOY).  South point trail had a variety of birds, best of which was a Yellow-breasted Chat that I found at the old parking lot area along the lake.  It popped right up beside the trail, but quickly disappeared.  It took us a while to refind it.  I could not get decent photos.

A fleeting glimpse of a Blue-winged Warbler constituted a FOY.

Red-headed Woodpeckers were numerous in the park today, with perhaps a dozen or so scattered throughout.  I saw six of them myself.

The White-winged Dove was making its usual rounds along Lakeshore Road.

Steve and I birded the campground with Reuven Martin where there was a good number of warblers searching for food.  They were on the move as we chased the flock around.  There were quite a few Black-throated Green, Yellow-rumped and Yellow Warblers.  FOY birds were Black-and-White and Blackburnian.

The lake was calm but not much was moving on this gray day.

Just before leaving the park, I spotted a FOY Swainson's Thrush on Black Oak trail.

After being in the park for more than six hours, it was time to head out.  With shorebird numbers increasing the last day or so, I headed over to Hillman Marsh shorebird cell.  I was interested in the Willets that were reported this morning.

Willie the Willet

Upon arrival, I saw the Willets, but as an added bonus, 22 American Avocets and 12 Marbled Godwits were also present.

Marbled Godwits

American Avocets

A number of my birding friends were present as we watched the birds.  I finally met fellow blogger Jonathan Wilhelm who was down in the area for a couple of days!

Lots of swallows were in the cell, including Tree, Bank, Barn, Rough-winged and Cliff.

Unfortunately I got the word about the Black-necked Stilt at Tilbury a bit late on the way home!  Maybe it will stick around.


  1. It was great to meet you as well Blake. It was an enjoyable two days spent down in your area.

  2. I'll be down there tomorrow! Maybe, if the birding is slow, I'll check out Hillman or Tilbury.