Sunday, March 19, 2017

Saturday Sandhills and other Stuff

I headed out early Saturday morning despite the crappy weather.  Fog had set in overnight, so visibility was poor.  Destination was Point Pelee!
Again, it was rather quiet for birds, but better than the last visit.  On the way in, I saw the two Sandhill Cranes resting on the ice of Sanctuary Pond.

I checked out the Tip area, finding very little.  A couple FOY Horned Grebes were swimming near the Tip.

The Tip has no sand and the water is actually quite deep so it will take a certain storm to build up again.

I checked out Shuster Trail, Tilden's Woods and Cactus Trail, but there is nothing to mention!
Four Brown Creepers were together in Tilden's-perhaps the same four I had there earlier in the winter.

Earlier on the way in along Road 19 I noticed two pairs of Ring-necked Pheasants in a familiar location.  They seem to be getting more difficult to find anymore.  It was dark and dismal first thing in the morning!

The south part of Hillman Marsh had quite a bit of waterfowl, but there was heavy wet snow falling at the time I was there.

Wheatley Harbour had a single Horned Grebe and some gulls, including one whole Bonaparte's Gull.  One has to wonder where they are yet this year!

I stopped for a walk at St. Clair NWA which was fairly good for waterfowl.

At the parking lot, 20 Cedar Waxwings provided some entertainment.

Along the trail were 4 Sandhill Cranes.


They quickly disappeared.  In fact, I did not see them take off!  While on the tower, I saw some Sandhill Cranes and other waterfowl land in the field along Balmoral Line.  That was my next stop.

There were hundreds of Tundra Swans and some geese.  Also, 9 Sandhill Cranes were dancing the field.

ON my way home, I went up Heron Line and came across a couple more Sandhill Cranes.  These were in the field that held all that waterfowl in January.

Around the Mallard/Marsh/Winter Lines area, I noted 4 Snowy Owls as I drove by.  So, they are still lingering.

Today, Sunday I went down to Rondeau and Erieau where it was extremely quiet.  I should have stayed home!  However, there were thousands of ducks to sort through on the Bay.  Nothing new though.

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